New Issue Online!

At last, the fourth issue of the journal is off to the printers and the response to the digital version has been all-high-fives. Before too long we’ll be toasting each other on a job well done over a long table, one with a few extra chairs pushed in to seat our newest additions to the staff, Joel Childers and Peter Lane. We are also reading submissions again, finally, and have come across a couple thrilling little poems.

Wish I could say the same for what’s been on tap at our last couple meetings. We’ve been making our way through a case of Sam Adams Hopology, and outside of the Double IPA, it’s been pretty bland. I remember the black and red IPAs being punchier when we had them last summer. Maybe they suffered too-long a shelf life at Costco before I came to the rescue? Alas, it was nothing a cheap bottle of Traders Joes Islay couldn’t mitigate.

by Kevin Riel

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