With the Beat generation

Untitled-1“….Texts enlarge the world. Equilibrium he is good at. Pianos will teach your own intervention. Pianos will reside in silence, pianos will loom and close. John Cage was metabolism for up his mind as he called it, strength, and a case for lines. Deference no solemnity. And pluck the cactus needles. Out of reach? John Cage was and never. Then drew it out. The sign would be that, the sign would be as John Cage was and drawn. Down on the tatami. For his purpose was not purpose to be uttered outside or inside but under the sun….” – “Under the Sun”, Anne Waldman

What you will need:

  • 5 Records (Only vinyl will do…all must be pre-1965 pressings.  One should be John Cage. )
  • 1 Record Player
  • 1 bowtie or 1 skinny tie or 1 head-scarf or 1 pair of black ballet flats or all if you like
  • Vanilla ice-cream
  • Grey Goose Vodka (or Belvedere or Ciroq, depending on your level of hip-ness)
  • Ginger Ale (the kind with REAL ginger)
  • Mint
  • Tall glass and long spoon

Put on a record and turn up the volume as loud as possible.  Your neighbors might hear and come over for a party, so get ready to pour.  Put on your flare…and take a selfie so you can instagram it later, along with a photo of your drink.  No filter please.  Scoop two spheres of vanilla ice cream into the glass.  Pour in two shots of vodka.  Pour ginger ale to the top.  Garnish with few sprigs of mint.  Indulge and share with your neighbors.  Don’t forget to flip to side two.  Make another drink.  If you have extra flare, share that with your neighbors also.  If you have a piano, you may play it between sides or sit on it cross-legged.  Make sure the lighting is just right.

by Clarrissa Castaneda

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